Dear Friends and Family,

We cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to start our lives together as husband and wife, and to have you all be a part of it! We are beyond blessed to have each other, and we are even more blessed to have the friends and family (and new friends and family) that come along with this union.

We clearly have seen the finger prints of the Lord in every detail of our relationship, since the two of us met as children, (we used to play in the woods and dirt together as kids!- yes Ginger was a tom-boy and kinda still is!) to later in life having art class together in 9th grade (We always laughed too much and got in trouble - which hasnt changed!) ..then reuniting again as adults in Life Group at church. The Lord kept us connected just enough as he was preparing us for each other though our past mistakes and journeys, using all of our wrongs for his glory and for our good, as we have been brought back together in his perfect timing, May of last year to be exact. Since that time we laid eyes on each other last Summer we have been inseparable. Life has taken on new meaning and we have experienced joy and happiness like we have never known.

We can only imagine how amazing our futures will be now that we are taking our relationship to the level in which it was always meant to lead, to marriage. We have purchased a home at Lake Anna (Since we LOVE the outdoors and the water!!) ..the home needs major work , which will be costly but we know this home is the one for us! We ask that in lieu of gifts.. our friends and family help us with this huge expense we have laid before us. (Of course, a Honeymoon in the near future would be awesome too!! ) but our priority is our new home in which we will live out long happy years together and build many happy memories.....memories that will include all of you as well! Heres to our future together!! We love you all, and THANKYOU from the bottom of our hearts for coming to our wedding on August 20th....we CANNOT wait to see you and share the most important day of our lives with you!

In love,

The future Mr. & Mrs. Vander Haeghe

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